Cloth diapers, Parenting, Pregnancy decisions

Making the decision to cloth diaper. 

I first heard of cloth diapers when I was pregnant with my daughter Faith. I found a website that was used for networking and meeting people called Meetup. I joined a group and they were meeting near me so I figured I would join the group and try to meet people. At this point I was a stay at home with not much to do and not many friends.
I arrive to the home where this event was taking place and noticed so many women gathered together. The group was having conversations about their life, birth options, and all of this while they enjoyed the company of their children.
I up to this point had never seen a cloth diaper… NEVER!! I saw a mom getting ready to change her son but much to my surprise he was not circumcised and she was putting on a diaper but it didn’t look like anything I have seen before. I was interested in knowing more, I had to know more. I introduced myself and started to ask questions.

That day I learned more than I expected and to my surprise cloth diaper wasn’t in my plans for my first. Although I took a class and even bought some diapers I still didn’t think it was going to work for my family at that time but I never let the idea go.


I finally went cloth diaper crazy when I was pregnant with my third child, Aria. My son, Michael was still in diapers and began as my test bunny at home. This also helped me start potty training. From the moment my daughter Aria was born we put her in cloth. Who would have known that cloth diapers were so popular that you can find any print you want or didn’t know you wanted?

Still to this day we have our cloth diapers and although it is hard to use them when you don’t have laundry service at our hands we do plan to use them again.

Interested in meeting people or buying cloth diapers? I found so much information just by doing a simple Google search. You can also find groups on Facebook to buy and sell. Of course many you will find will be used but they are normally a great deal and in great condition. Save money that is one of the many reasons you will enjoy the time you get to cloth diaper!

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