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Cassava Shop

Have you heard of Cassava Shop?

Last week I had the pleasure to speaking to Samantha the owner of Cassava Shop and becoming educated on products that can help with various needs. During our conversation I was asked several question about my basic history and what I would like help with. I shared with Samantha my joy to have another child and my issues being RH- and all of my miscarriages. Samantha helped guide me in choosing the perfect products for me.

That same week I placed my order and just a few days later I received my order. So yes you can place an order confidence that you will have it before you know it!

Above you will find the picture of my order. The order actually came in today and once I opened the box I took the first “dose” of Red Clover Blossom.

When I opened the box the first thing I noticed was the seal on each bottle. Once I removed the seal and removed the cap I found myself with another seal to keep the capsules fresh. Each bottle has a hand written expiration date which gives it that personal touch for me.

I look forward to taking all of the supplements and learning about more about all the benefits that will help my body.

Use code: TEN4YOU to place your order for your very own special discount.


Order now!

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