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Going from one child to two children

We have all see the diaper commercial by now the one with the mom who just has to do everything right for the first child but the second one comes along and that all goes out the window, right?

Tonight I was talking to my sister in law, Brittany about just that topic and well I thought it would be the perfect topic for tonight.

When my first was born it was just like the commercial everything had to be perfect. No baby of mine could have a dirty diaper, or crawl on a dirty floor, let alone eat something before it was recommended. I didn’t want to ever say the work “no” that wasn’t a nice word for kids to know, after all they would be saying right back to me.

By the time my second child came around I didn’t care about any of this. Michael wanted to be on the dirty floor of the waiting room, so be it. Aria wanted to eat that chicken nugget off the floor I haven’t had time to clean, go for it! After all how bad could it be? With each child I had something in me became more calm with the world with what could happen.

Brittany told me a story about my husband and his brother Sparky. The time Sparky said a curse word in front of Julio’s son Nikoaus. The conversation got so heated between them my husband actually kicked his brother out of the house. Brittany also told me how just this sat weekend some of her family went out to dinner and a table behind them with some children keep doing that annoying shhh sound to them because they cursed. Brittany then went on to say that she told the family behind her if they taught the kids right from wrong the kids wouldn’t be tempted to repeat the conversation of an adult.

I have to say I agree with Brittany after all I remember my mom telling me the same thing. I would never repeat anything I heard my mom say. Well except this one time my mom asked me to tell her husband to and I quote “Get the fucking dogs out of the house” I remember because I asked her if I should use those same words. I did get in trouble even though she said, “what did I fucking tell you to say”. I also had fun saying it, I must have said it in my head a lot before I got to where he was.
The moment you see that pink line on the pregnancy test your life starts to change you now have to think about you children and the choices would like to make for them. You no longer get the opportunity to just think about yourself. You start to wonder what kind of parent you will become. Will you be worried about everything your child will hear, see, and touch in the world. Will holding them really spoil them? Will letting them cry make them stronger? If you do everything everyone recommends will you have the best well behaved child?

While I don’t have the answer for your child I can answer for my own, NO it won’t. My husband and I do what works for our family, we find what makes it easier for us but still allows our children to learn and grow on their own. My advise to you, do the same, enjoy them, kiss them and spoil them. After all, one day they will be grown and not let you do it after all.

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