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My secret urge to conceive

I’m tired of hearing people say to myself and others that one or two children is enough. I hate to hear that children are expensive and that it’s too much work nowadays. Why must people get involved in this topic and so many others?

A few months ago I started birth control, I tried to tell myself I didn’t want any more children that four was a good number. I knew I was lying to myself but I was able to hide it well enough that my family stopped asking the question of was I done having children.

728x90-kneekers.jpgAbout three months ago I honestly did forget to pick up my refill if birth control and decided at that moment that maybe it was time to try again. Faith and Michael are in school, Aria is almost three and in daycare, it would be nice to have a little one around again. Since making that decision we have done the obvious but with no luck at the end.

Have you ever wanted something so much that when the results don’t happen the way you expect it just leaves you feeling like it never will happen? Yes that is how I feel each month.

At some point you’ll wonder if something is wrong or if you need assistance. So in my journey to find natural resources I found Cassava Shop. After speaking to the owner Samantha and getting her input of products I should use I ended up ordering maca root, red clover blossom, and sweet cassava for myself. I also placed an order for my husband to help with his high blood pressure, olive leaf.

This coming week we will receive the order and will put them to use right away. We will post at the end of the blogs we post an update on the benefits we notice. If you are not familiar with these products don’t worry I wasn’t either but I did my research as should you. Contact the company and ask questions I got the answers I needed.

In the end when you see a large family or hear someone say they would like another child wish them well on their journey to become parents again.

Baby dust to all of those who wish to have their first or the next.

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