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For the love of potty training!

For the past six years I have been potty training my kids. Every two years another child is born and another child needs to be potty trained so it seems. Oh potty training have I told you how much I love you today?
I am potty training my youngest and am hitting strike after strike. I can’t get her for the life of me to just get it over with. Mind you I know she is only 2 1/2 but she knows when she already needs to be changed so why not tell me before you need to go?

Last night she tells me “Mommy I caca (poop) in my diaper”, well thank you daughter of mine I love to keep changing dirty diapers. I changed her and off to bed we went. I always say if I just had a long weekend with her or I had my mom stay with her I could get it done. Of course we just had two long weekends back to back and while I can honestly say I did try for Christmas and my mom was there to help it didn’t work out. It was Christmas who wants to potty train during Christmas? I didn’t. 

Then came New Years and I took a few extra days off that week again and again I didn’t think to potty train because I mean who wants to potty train while on vacation and while getting ready for another holiday? Not me, again!

When is the right time to potty train? Why do we need to put a time frame on it? I know why because we hate having to do it so we know that if speed up the process then we will be done with it. Isn’t that what we say about a lot of things in life? How many times don’t we say well if I do this now then later I will have time for that? 

Potty training is a process and while I thought after three kids I would have it down pat, I don’t. I have no idea when Aria will be ready but today wasn’t the day, tomorrow might not be either but the day will come and I might just cry. I might just realize in that moment that I am not ready for my baby not to be a baby anymore.

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