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Nine days past ovulation

Since I posted about my urge to conceive I figured it would be ok to continue to post about my journey to finally see a positive pregnancy test. Yesterday was day nine past ovulation, the urge to have all of these days just past you by is too much to consider. You try so hard not to think about it but the more you try the harder it is.

Yesterday I woke up to start my day just like any other day, but today I had a pep in my step. I went to the bathroom and took out a pregnancy test knowing all too well that it was  way too soon. I crossed my fingers and tested, waiting for those minutes to pass by, waiting for the lines too appear.

Time passed by and the line telling the test was working showed up but not the positive lines. My husband walks in realizing what I was doing and asked what the result was. I threw the test in the garbage and answered well its too soon anyway. I jumped in the shower wanting to forget the result, wanting to go on with my day.

By the time I had left the house, left the kids at school and made the drive to work I had forgotten about the test. I took out my supplements from the Cassava Shop took them and continued my day. As the day went on I would push the thought out of my head, I tried to leave it be. Wondering if I should post this, wondering who else was going through the same thoughts.

My day ended and I was no longer feeling well I’ve been tired, and trying to stay hydrated. I called my husband to let him know I was on my way to pick up the kids and head home I would pick him up on the way. Just with the simple conversation he knew a migraine was in place and that I would need rest to recover.

I ended by day by walking into my home giving everyone a hug and kiss and going to bed.

What has been your journey to conceive? What have you felt? Do you find support when you need it most?

Hello?? Is anyone there??

3 thoughts on “Nine days past ovulation”

  1. It happens with me a lot time. I too take the tests early hoping for a positive result. But in vains. Be positive. And yes I’m here reading your every post. I like them. Cause we going through the same situation. Be happy 🙂 And keep posting.


    1. It’s nice to know I have a reader lol. It’s super different to post about your life because you never know what will happen in the end. We shall continue our journeys today as we start another day.

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