Easter Sunday – Family Funday

Today makes it twelve days since I ovulated. That’s basically enough time to drive any person crazy.

This morning I woke up to Faith painting Arias’ nails. The smell of nail polish is one I wish I didn’t have to smell. The smell alone is so strong that on any given day I avoid paining my nails. It’s not even a possible pregnancy, nail polish just stinks.

Julio and I were still laying in bed when we started to plan our day. The farmers market was a for sure thing as we needed to grab a few things, then a drive to the store to grab food for dinner but still remembering we needed to rush home as Nikolaus was going back to his moms house today. See when you are a parent who “shares” your child you soon start to realize that all your time belongs on a schedule. Getting out of bed this morning I felt nauseous and again the thoughts come to my mind. Could I be? Isn’t it too soon? Should I test? I grabbed my phone and headed to the bathroom turning on the music to shower. I need to forget this I can’t drive myself crazy.


For breakfast I made my strawberry, blueberry, spinach smoothie with a little freshly squeezed orange juice and a splash of sparkling water.

We started to get everyone dressed and headed out to the farmers market  the entire drive the kids all asked where we were going, when we would get there, do they have food there and numerous other questions. About 30 minutes later we arrived at Pinctest Gardens where the farmers market takes place. The kids then realized some walking would be involved and the questions started again, what did we need, and how long would it take. We walked quickly grabbed what we needed and left.

Did you know not having to drive gives you way too much time to google pregnancy symptoms? Lesson learned.

Remembering I needed to stop at Whole Foods to ensure meatless wouldn’t need to happen today and that I had what I needed for a very special client tomorrow.

In just 3 very long days I should have my cycle or be able to test. What will happen? Will I be surprised that this month was our month? Stay turned to be the first to know.

Enjoy the day you’re living in the moment! Happy Easter from our family to yours!

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