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What is attachment parenting?

Lets start by answering the first and most important question, what is attachment parenting?

According to Google:

Attachment parenting, a phrase coined by pediatrician William Sears, is a parenting philosophy based on the principles of attachment theory in developmental psychology. According to attachment theory, the child forms a strong emotional bond with caregivers during childhood with lifelong consequences.


In my family attachment parenting is simple we work as a team but my children are children. We know are fully aware that they will mess up, they will make us upset, but we understand that at our age sometimes we have a hard time explaining ourselves so imagine my 2 year old or even 11 year old trying to explain what they are feeling. It has been many of times that something has happen in my life that my reaction is to cry or even scream just because the words won’t come out. Has it ever happen to you?

I still at my age need to go “home” and visit my mom. I find I need that time when I am worried about something, or I need to share some news, and sometimes I don’t know the reason I just know I need my mom. So again just for a moment imagine all you want to do is be left alone after a long day at work but your child coming to give you a hug for the 10,000th time in 5 minutes. Okay you are imagining it, right? Now add the feelings they would have when you tell them not now I’m tired, or I just got home I need a break? Great now that you are feeling how they would feel, ask yourself what you would want to change or do differently?


Practicing or believing in attachment parenting doesn’t happen over night, we are still working it out. When you come from a family that simply tells you to spank your child and they will ever act like that again, it takes time to overcome the urge to actually just spank them. Attachment parenting is a way or life, it is a way for you to communicate with your children, it is a way for my family to bond!

There are so many resources including Facebook groups, books, internet searches, etc that can help guide you. As with anything having the right support is always beneficial, but you are your family are the only ones who can figure it all out.

Take the time to make the change, to love on our children, to give them those five minutes to complete love. I know the day will come where my children may not need me but I will need them.

Do what works for you family and be happy with the decision you make!


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