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Five mommy minutes!!

I am busy!

I am a busy person!

I am a mom, wife, employed full-time, a nurse when my children (and husband) are ill. I am in love with my kids but I am busy!
I wake up every morning bright and early to start my day. I start by getting myself ready but it’s not just me anymore I now have children who depend on me to get them ready too. Of course my job also includes getting the kids dressed, putting on socks and shoes and brushing their teeth and hair. My husband is amazing at helping but when he gets home at 1 a.m we try not to have to wake him.

We then have to hurry to leave the house to go to school and daycare drop off before heading to work to start my day again but in my work mode. By the time lunch comes around I am literally taking a break not only from work but from life. I take this time to disconnect from everything going on in my day. These are my five minutes.
End of the day comes and it’s time to rush to complete my afternoon pick up of the kids and continue to rush home to cook dinner. If you know me my way of cooking dinner is just like my mom… How fast can I dial for delivery. I hate having to cook and we really don’t have much of a kitchen anyway so what’s the point? We all know it’s dinner then bath that go hand in hand.

Once dinner and bath time is done I cross my fingers and wish bedtime is near but of course we forgot homework time so we grab backpacks and climb in bed and start the fight of a lifetime. Why is it that my kids hate homework so much? I honestly have no idea I mean I sit with them from start to finish.

The time I have been waiting for is finally here BEDTIME!!!kids3 In my house this is another time for us to figure out that when mommy says time for bed it means time for bed. Bedtime has come and gone and still my kids are awake but not just laying in bed but awake and jumping, running, singing and dancing all at once. A few times you’ll hear me fell “kids time for bed”, “stop jumping”, and no family goes without saying “I’m going to call your dad”. Eventually they find that they are actually tired and fall asleep.
Goodnight world!
My story doesn’t end there. As I started to think of what my next topic should be and why I should write about this topic I realized something I am busy, I’m a busy mom. We all need a break, we need five minutes to calm down from the day we have had. There are days that I don’t find time to take to myself and I notice I am tough, tough on my kids, on myself and my husband. I don’t work as hard or focus as much as I could if I had some time to center myself.

I love my kids, my husband, my siblings and my parents but please give me time to myself lend a helping hand when you can. I’m sure you wanted the same thing when you had us?


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