Can’t you baby walk, why are you wearing them?

Sure my baby can walk, can’t you?

Aria will be three years old this June. The date is coming up faster than I’d like to admit. I mean I want a baby forever, someone who will depend on me.  Someone who needs a cuddle and mama milk. I realize how much I will miss it now that Aria is growing up, now that Nikolaus, Faith and Michael are all in school. Now that my life is more about taking them to school and picking them up.


If you felt overwhelmed and mommy or daddy could keep you close would you want it? My children have the independence that allows them to do what they would like but I still provide the confidence in them that they know we are just a call away.

Being carried in a wrap is not a way for us to never let them walk but a way to keep them safe. A way for our children to know we are close by. Of course a way for them to take a nap while we cook, clean and decorate my home.

Many times I’ll need to get around quickly or Aria just doesn’t want to walk and a wrap or carrier is to the rescue. I’ve been able to accomplish many times having my children wrapped. Bathroom, no longer a problem. Feeling overwhelmed, yes the wrap helps with that too. Sick baby, right again!

What is your favorite wrap? What has your wrap saved you from?

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