Cloth diapers

Do cloth diapers save you money?

I once I asked myself the same question then I ordered my first diapers $200 for an entire “starter kit”.

Once you start to cloth diaper there will always be a cloth diaper that you fall in love with and want to add to your stash. My favorite brands are Lalabye Baby as I met the owner Melissa and learned about her brand first hand and Sunbaby, my China cheapies. While my favorite inserts are CBI.


Back to the topic, do I save money? The answer is YES! I now have to buy disposable diapers as Arias school we not allow cloth and trust me I see the pain each time I buy a box knowing I could buy one very nice diaper or a few of my China cheapies. I have an entire stash that will last me not only for this child but for any future and then I can turn around and sell them once I’m done with them. Can you sell your used disposable diapers when your done with them? The answer is no, and most people would look at you with crazy eyes if you tried.

Now comes more savings while I do spend money to wash them I think of it this was I wash my clothes anyway, so what’s one more load? In my family we make our own soap which last us months for a fraction of the cost of the chemical filled soap you find in most stores. If you need some added smell, essential oils do that for you. No need to dry in the dryer buy a rack dryer and save even more money and your diapers will last longer.

While I’ll be honest and say that while I can spend $5 for my Sunbaby diapers they will not last as long as when you spend $20 for a diaper. I’ve had most of my diapers for over 2 years now I have not had any issues with them.

Cloth diapers aren’t for every family and like I’ve said before only you can make the decisions that will work for your family. Find local group or join the conversation on Facebook.

Once you start you just won’t stop!!


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