Birth, Natural

My path to planning a birth center birth

Before I became pregnant with Faith I knew I wanted a different type of birth, I wanted a water birth but how? Was it even possible?
I started my pregnancy not really knowing where to go or who to ask for advise. I had previously had a miscarriage while married to my exhusband but this ob/gyn did not accept my new insurance. I needed to find someone to provide the prenatal care.

I found one at Mercy Hospital but he was definitely not the one for me. He never ran on time, never answered my questions, the bond wasn’t there. I didn’t know what to do or who could provide the care I needed. There was this one conversation that took place that drew the line for me I asked if he could explain RH- to my husband since I was and he informed us he would “Explain when it was time”. I asked again and he answered that I was too early to even think about that as I wouldn’t need the spot until I was 27 weeks. I simply answered well you should also know that with my risk of miscarriage I should get it if in an accident or fall. I got off the table and left the room I asked the nurse for a copy of my records and left.


I really had no idea who I would see for care for me during my pregnancy and delivery of my baby. At this point I was already about 20 weeks knew I was having a girl and that her name would be Faith. One day I checked the mail and received a postcard from a midwife the postcard had a picture of a tub. I knew I had found what I was looking for. I showed my husband and called to setup my appointment I then met Daymarys which opened my eyes to a “Whole new world” I was in heaven!

My journey was in full motion and it was time to do my research and plan for a birth center birth. I was excited, I was worried, I was ready.

Turn in next time as I talk about my path to give birth at the birth center.

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