Don’t forget if family is in the group

Written 3/30/16

Today I left for work doing my normal routine but my husband drove me. I had asked him to please take my car to be cleaned it had a horrible smell that we just couldn’t find. I wasn’t feeling my best so as we arrived to my office I asked him to do me the big favor and get me some of those candies to help with the nauseous feeling.


The day went on without anything out of the normal happening. Right before going home from the day I received a text from my sister in law Brittany asking if I was pregnant. I was in shock, who could have told her I had told anyone. I started playing the 100 questions game and trying to play it off like I didn’t know what she was talking about without saying no. It didn’t work for long she sent me a picture of my test. The picture I had posted to a group I was in. Her text read “Did you forget you added me to the group”?  I had completely forgotten I added her to the group for her to learn about the Cassava Shop supplements.

The cat was now out of the bag with her but she was sworn to secrecy. I mean my mom doesn’t know what this point so she couldn’t be the first one to tell anyone. Fingers crossed the secret is safe until Faith birthday weekend when we plan to tell family. Wish us luck!

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