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On April 4th I received a phone call from  number I didn’t have saved, I answered with a voice of who are you. It was a local radio station Power 96 to let me know I had won some tickets to the Miami-Dade County Youth Faith. This was exciting it was the last week the fair was going to be open plus Faith was turning 7 this weekend so it was the perfect gift. We would have a family day at the fair.

On April 5th I had planned to attend an event called Big City Moms – The Biggest Baby Shower Ever. My night sleeping coming to this event was not that great so I needed to make sure I ate and rested to ensure I would make it to the end of the night. I was ready and excited when the end of the day came, I went and picked up the kids, left them with my husband Julio and came back to the office to pick up a friend who was going with me.


We arrived to the event and I will say that I was surprised of how well it was organized it was. The moment you walked in everything had its place you knew where to go for everything from check in to check out. I checked in and got my wrist band, they are all color coordinated based on the ticket you bought. This was which gift bag you would get at the end of the night. They also gave me a bingo card, for every booth you went to and they signed off you were one step closer to an additional gift bag when you left. The downside to this is if you won something from one of the seminars you attend you no longer qualified for that end of night gift bag. I would think that since you won the gift you should still be able to play the game as one has nothing to do with the other.

Around the large room were all types of vendors from Hospitals, and Babys R Us, to photographers and car seat companies. Everyone was very helpful they provided information and samples that their companies offered. Some of the companies like 4moms (which I won the high chair from) gave mini demos of how the product worked which is great. I know for one I do a  lot of shopping online and read the reviews but I also enjoy being able to see the products, touch them and ask questions to someone who knows about the products. I hate going to a store and the sales person on the floor has no experience with kids or the products so they aren’t sure on how to answer your questions.

My complaint of the night was only about the food. They had a section where the food was located and another for drinks. At each of these locations they had servers to help serve the food and drinks. I didn’t eat anything by the time I got there about one hour after the event had first opened the doors the food looked like it had been sitting out a while.

I attended the last seminar of the night which is where I won the 4moms high chair (RV $299). While I didn’t agree with the CIO (cry it out) method and sleep training I sat through it anyway. I think it would have been nice to have the speakers on both sides of the topic. Allow parents to ask questions and get two answers, after all parenting becomes your parenting style. You should be able to have more than one opinion from an expert.

The end of the night came and I headed to the front to collect my gift bag and prize. They had three lines for you to be able to stand in. The lines went smoothly as they had plenty of help to ensure things moved smoothly. Since I had won a prize I was handed the main gift bag that came with my ticket. Others who hadn’t won anything were given an object with a color/number on it, based on that information they were given an additional gift bag with prizes from playing the bingo game.

Extra shout out to the moving company guys that helped get everyone to their cars. This is an amazing idea on behalf of the organizers!! What pregnant lady wants to make two or more trips to the car or leave the bags to go get the car and drive it around. The guys were hardworking and helpful.

I will post pictures of the items I received in my main gift bag, as well as the high chair I won and the other products and samples they vendors were giving out. I highly recommend this event to first time moms but even having our 5th child it was still great to see what has changed in the almost three years I last had to shop for newborn products.

Have you attend one near you? What did you think?

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