Surprise lunch date

Yesterday Julio, my husband, and I were both off from work and decided we would spend the day together but what should we do? We woke up like any other day, running late. I jumped in the shower with the girls and got ready for the day. Dressed up like I was coming to work and took the kids to school. To them the day was just like any other day but to us it was a little date.

After taking them to school we had to stop for gas. I hate pumping gas, do you have an agreement with your partner of who will fill the tank? I am always hearing my husband tell me that I leave the tank on way past empty. I guess I better hope one day an emergency doesn’t happen or I’ll be putting gas while everyone is running for their lives. Anyway we put gas and headed down to surprise my mama. We figured a lunch date with her would be nice plus we will have some time to ourselves on the drive there and back. So the drive began…

safety kit

We took our time and even stopped for breakfast. Lately I haven’t been as tired but I have been felling morning sickness although up until today I have been clear from it. After breakfast we continued the drive to the Florida Keys. Have you ever been? The sight of the ocean as you past each bridge is amazing. There are times you can even see dolphins out in the water. Right at noon we arrived to my moms job just as she was getting ready to leave for lunch. I jumped out of the car and yelled surprise!!!

Out to lunch we went and joined my aunt at the restaurant, she actually knew we were going to show up because my mom already had plans to go to lunch with her. We enjoyed local seafood and great conversation, my mom was even able to convince Julio to do some yard work for her. The thing with taking someone to lunch during work hours is that you have to watch the time, this I think causes you to waste more time. Regardless my mission was complete I took my mom to lunch and I was able to surprise her.

Our drive home we stopped for lunch and rushed back to get the kids. They will never know mommy and daddy got a lunch date with grandma.

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