Leaving my job

A year ago I started with a company, I started to work after not really having an 8-5  for some time. I learned quickly and loved what I did. I got along with most of my clients and team. Within a few months I received a promotion and thought I was really showing how much I can do for the company.

During this time I moved to be closer to my job, I was driving about 40 miles or so a day and stuck in traffic for about 4 hours a day. I just couldn’t preform to my full potential when I was stressed about making it on time. My life was one big rush. How do you tell your children that the only time a home cooked meal will be waiting is when daddy works early or on the weekends, how do you tell them that they can’t play when they get home because we need to do homework, take showers and go to bed?

In December someone took notice, really took notice of me and all that I did. They offered me a job. At first I said no, I was happy where I was. I had benefits, job security, and the salary was nice. I had no reason to leave. For months they would follow up and contact me, I would say thank you and keep moving. It wasn’t until changes took place, until the company I worked for decided that everyone with this new title would be working alone for a good part of the day but still be expected to run everything, answering phones, customer payments and invoices, walk in tours, client issues, ensuring the center was always clean, etc. Oh and why not add a change of upper management just to make sure to keep everyone on their toes?safety kit

I was upset, I tried for a few months to deal with it, to figure out a way to make everything run smooth. I couldn’t I was overworked and under appreciated. I couldn’t be sick or have an emergency unless I knew my co-worker would be present. How do you plan when things will happen? Isn’t that why we call it life? I spoke up hoping it would help but all that was heard was that I couldn’t do what everyone else was doing. After speaking to upper management and not making anything happen or being felt as if I had been heard, I knew what I needed to do. I spoke to my contact for the new job offer and asked for a written offer. I came home and spoke to my husband Julio. We ran numbers and I felt at peace with my decision. I went to work, and wrote the email they did not expect. I thanked the company for everything, for the training, for the change, for the courage. I offered them six weeks to find someone to take my place.

A week after of giving notice I found out we would be expecting a baby come December. At first I freaked because I was not expecting it, what do I do? Do I tell my new job? Do I risk the offer? I again had to think about it, and in the end I told the company. I offered them to take back the offer. They didn’t! It has now been a week since I started this new path and I am enjoying it. I am making it work and when I don’t feel good I take my time getting out of bed because I work from home.

I miss my clients and thank them for everything they have done for me. You see, they helped me grow. They taught me things, how do stand my ground, when I say I will do something I need to make it happen. They counted on me, I was an extension to over 64 in house clients and over 100 virtual offices. I was this one woman show so often that I learned to be tough but still be gentle. I was there when my clients had a tough time, as they were there for me, until the moment I knew it was time for me to move on.

I am thankful for everything I went through, I understand that companies do what they feel will work best for them but when my customer service is suffering because of company changes I have an issue with that. No client should ever have to feel that they are not important. Thank you to very single one of them.

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