Hiding your pregnancy?

safety kitI recently had a friend contact me regarding a contest she had won for a doula but wanted to pass on to me. She said she was also pregnant, I congratulate her but I started to wonder how I didn’t know. She still lives in my old neck of the woods but we have each other on social media and I didn’t remember seeing a post. She then went on to remind me how hard people judge and she rather enjoy her pregnancy than deal with the opinions of others.

My question is this… why must anyone give their opinion of how many children anyone should have? When did this topic become a topic for open conversation? Why should any family hide something that is so exciting?

While I have personally gone through this numerous times, I still can’t understand why people get involved. Trust me when we think of having a baby we also think of all the added cost. The extra childcare, the no sleep stage starting over, the new baby smell, and BIRTH! We think about everything and we don’t need you to tell us over and over. Once we have made the announcement that we are growing our family that means sex has taken place, the egg has been fertilized, the pregnancy test has confirmed our symptoms, and finaly we have made it to a point in our pregnancy that we are feeling that we are safe to annouce.

We don’t need someone, no matter who you are to come in and distroy our happy momment. It doesn’t matter what your intentions are, we don’t care!!

While this is a short entry I am sure everyone reading or sharing this bog can relate.


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