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I discovered my love for Lalabye Baby

It was with my pregnancy with my daughter Aria, who is now turning 3, that I met the owner of Lalabye, Melissa. I attended an event called Just Between Friends Consignment where a small booth with cloth diapers was set up. I knew I planned to cloth diaper so I walked closer to her to get a better look at what she was selling. As I got closer she had a beautiful setup with all her diapers and wetbags, hey Melissa if you read this and happen to have pictures I would love to show them.

safety kit

Melissa not only spoke to me about her diapers but also about what made her diapers different. How she was designing them and made sure certain standards were kept in the process of labor. She walked me through the layers of her diapers and I took pride that she was so hands on. You see most of the time we run to the big chain store to buy what we need because it’s easier but when you shop local or small business you are actually helping a family.

I ended up leaving with a few things that day but coming back the next day to buy more. I also took a friend so she could meet Melissa and buy a few for herself as well. In meeting the owner and learning about the brand first hand helped me fall in love so much more. I became a #lalabyemama and continue to be one. Expecting a baby in December just means I get to continue to love and #buyallthelalbyes.

Stay turned to my next blog as we talk about buying second hand and why Lalabye resells for retail when cared for correctly.

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