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I want a homebirth, where do I start?

If you have ever asked yourself this question, you have asked yourself a very important question in this journey. This post is not to speak ill or traditional care but to help guide and educate both men women on the options available. With my daughter Faith I asked myself this very important question and found myself rewarded in the end.

Ask yourself why you want a homebirth, Insert answer here. You will question yourself later and will need to remind yourself. Ask yourself if you are ok with knowing not everyone will agree. Ask yourself what you expect or want to take place when the time comes to give birth. Now it’s time to meet some midwives.

I started by meeting the midwife I was interested in, sounds easy right? Take a list of questions you might have, even if you can’t think of any I’m sure you will once you get talking. The first time you meet you will most likely spend it talking unless you are further along and want to hear the heartbeat. For me I knew I wanted to have her be my midwife while sitting with her, I felt an amazing connection, so much so I’m having baby number four and she’s joining us again.

Once you have found a midwife or a few and have taken the time to interview them, take a few extra days to think and talk to your partner about which one would work best for you. Are they able to blend with your family and lifestyle? Are they available during your “due/guess” date? Is there a backup in place in the rare occurrence they are at another birth when labor kicks in? Will they come to the hospital if you needed to transfer? Then make your decision.

Once you have made your decision the real fun starts. I started to read any book recommended for natural, home, comfort management and birth related. I wanted to rewire my brain to think or labor and pain as something other than what friends, family, TV/movies and any other unsolicited advice that would be sent my way. I never kept to myself that I was having a homebirth, one that would be completely unmediated. I heard plenty of comments that I would not be able to do it but I did!!

When the moment comes and labor hits you will be ready, brave and educated! I look forward to hearing and sharing your birth stories so please send in your stories to I will send you a release and will just copy any paste your story to share with other parents wanting to hear inspiring stories. You may also send pictures you are willing to share. I will not edit them as birth is natural and normal.


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