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Potty Training in 3 days is Possible

Have you seen the post on Pinterest about potty training in three days? Well I did and I thought these people are crazy if they think you can potty train a child in such a short time. Well I read a little about how to start and figured its a long weekend I might as well try to I’ll cut to the end and say ….. it worked.

My youngest at the moment turned 3 on June 26th but anytime we tried to potty train it wasn’t the right time for her. All of the other children were younger than her but the first time I tried with them they took to it pretty easy. Finally with the baby coming in December and Aria now 3 I thought I had to bite the bullet and try again. It was also the fourth of July weekend, I had some extra days off and there was no better time. I mean if she truly wasn’t ready than I guess we would wait again but boy was I hoping she was ready. With no diapers in the house other than the cloth we had been telling Aria was for the baby we started on Friday afternoon.

Must Have List for Potty Training

Friday was great just seemed to work on its own, we kept telling her to sit on her big girl potty and celebrating her when she would pee. The end of the night came, Julio was working and I wasn’t quite ready for cleaning pee off the mattress in the middle of the night so I put on a cloth diaper. The next morning was Michael’s 5th birthday and we were heading to Key Largo for some water park fun.

Michaels birthdaySaturday came and I was up bright and early, I started to get things ready to be able to beat all the tourist traffic. By the time we got out of the house and made all the stops we needed to do it was about noon when we finally arrived. We met my mom and sister and had a great time! It was a first for us all. This was the first trip out of the house and of course we were nervous but we made it again using cloth, unsure of how long we would be out of the house and access to bathrooms for Aria. Once we were at the water park we did continue to encourage her to use the bathroom but let’s be honest she is surrounded by water.

Later on that night, once we were home we got settled in off went the diaper again. We were back to work and continuing to encourage the potty. I will add we were so tired from being out in the pool that we forgot to put a diaper on for the night. I awoke in the middle of the night and remembered but I let her sleep. If she was going to learn to wake us up (we co-sleep) tonight was going to be that night. The next morning, she was dry!

Sunday was now upon us now and we wanted to continue to live life while potty training. I am a work from home mom, with four kids 11 and under all staying home for the summer, I don’t really get to go out during the week. Anyway we were going to meet my brother-in-law and sister-in-law (Sparky and Brittany) at the movies but I wanted to do some shopping for the baby and love the Macy’s in area they live in. We stopped and did some serious damage but the kids really needed clothing and well the baby just happen to have items I liked. They had an amazing sale in my benefit 60-80% off.


This is when we had our first out of the home accident, number 2. Julio took her to the bathroom and cleaned her up while she sat in the toilet. He reminded her she needed to tell us when she needed to go to the bathroom. We continued our afternoon and met Brittany and Sparky at the movies we made it through the movies having to do 3 bathroom breaks but no accidents. I am  now thinking children movie should have a bathroom break but then again Finding Dory would have been a 3 hour movie.

It is now Friday and we have been on this potty training trip for one week. I have learned now more than ever that every child is different and although we are the parent we need to listen to our children. While we are teaching them things they are also teaching us. My children have had to correct me and show me how to see things out of their eyes. I am thankful for all of my journeys and can’t wait to continue to blog about them.

In ending it offer the bathroom a lot, get them to sit down even if they don’t have to and eventually they will go. Accidents will happen and that is ok.

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