I bought 41 more Lalabye Diapers but….

Buying used Lalabye Baby Diapers isn’t always easy because as a Lalabye mama even once you know your ready to sell you still want to know your diapers are going to a good home.

Knowing I was pregnant and that I didn’t know the sex of the baby is a great way not to over shop, right? Well my husband went into the store to grab a few things we needed and left me, the kids and Facebook in the car. The kids were going crazy and mama needed just five minutes of shhh time.

I came across a post from a lovely mama named Jessica who was selling off her entire Lalabye Baby Stash since she no longer needed them. Oh how much trouble was I in, I had to have all of them!! I showed my husband when he got back to the car and he answered “Get them”, which isn’t always the case but I mean it’s Lalabye. I messaged Jessica and told her I wanted to buy her stash. Normally you would think it’s just an easy here’s my PayPal, I’ll invoice you and then I’ll pay as soon as I get it. Right? Nope, not with these lovely diapers. You need to know who are they going too. Jessica I’m sure was in a way ready to sell but that doesn’t always really mean you are READY!


Jessica messaged me back asking for me to tell her about myself and how I knew of the brand? I started to explain my love, which you can read here. We exchanged several messages back and forth, I must have won her over because she sent an invoice to me, I paid and received my lovely diapers. I still remember the look on my face when I opened the box and started to pull out diaper after diaper. My husband Julio also made a comment about loving to see me so happy and it was over cloth diapers. Not many people understand the amount of money you can save over time. The fact is cloth diapers are used more than once and by more than one baby. The resale value on this particular brand is great and what I love even more is that if you sell on the BST you will not get ripped odd because Melissa the owner will not allow for any one diaper to sell for over retail.

It has actually been about a month since I received my, I mean the diapers for the baby and have now washed them all and found the perfect was to store them. I  have since bought several more diapers from Lalabye including newborn (which are no longer being made) and all of the new releases. Tune is for another blog on storage, wash care and traveling with cloth diapers.

**Special Notice**

I did not receive any form of payment for writing this blog. I am a customer who has fallen in love and taken upon myself to share the love with the readers I have.

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