My plan not to go broke this summer

The kids are home for the summer and having a blast. I mean who doesn’t like a long vacation? Nikolaus and Faith are free from school while mom works from home so what isn’t to like?

The first few weeks have been hard ones, they are eating me out of house and home. They want to go out and think because I work from home we can just pick up and go at any moment, but if you have ever worked from home you know that is far from the truth. Working from home sometimes means having to work twice as hard to stay focused. Working from home does have its bonus for me it’s the fact that I try to get some cleaning done in between sending in an order or waiting for an email reply.

Anyway back to the summer and not going broke. Since the younger children, Aria and Michael are still able to go to daycare I do take them a few days a week more because I have appointment or I am too overwhelmed with work, I am 18 weeks pregnant at this point and being tired easily is a known pregnancy symptom. Being able to have that option does have it good and bad parts for example the good; I have a little time without worrying about the littles one and what they are up to, I don’t have to cook lunch for them and deal with them saying “I’m hungry or I’m thirsty” a thousand times, they are with friends and being able to play outside or learn, etc. Now for the bad; the cost of having two kids in a daycare (summer cost are more for Michael), the cost of field trips, not being able to check on them from time to time, etc. All of these points can be looked at both ways and I am lucky to have that option not everyone does.


My solution is simple I will be starting summer chores for the kids, they want to go out and have fun, they want to have money to buy stuff, then they needs to help keep the house running and clean of the messes they love to leave for us to clean. We also have a meal planning day this is when I sit down and think of what I would like to cook (or watch my husband cook) and want snacks will help hold over hunger until the next meal. Meal planning will also help when it comes time to do our weekly shopping. I’ve noticed whenever we see food or snacks we want to go to town and eat like the food will just magically disappear. In this house it really does seem to happen but if I almost feel like if I don’t stay near the kitchen who is going to remind the kids food needs to last and they can’t have an entire box of vanilla wafers? Being able to plan meals is one way I plan to save money this summer but what about when we leave the house?

Leaving the house is a hard one… but it is possible. When the weekend comes and I don’t have to worry about daycare runs or work I love to be out of the house. I like to do some shopping, find something to do with the family and eat out. I spent so long being sick this pregnancy that now I want to be able to eat and actually enjoy what I eat. Budget is where this will save me money. If I have a budget and manage to stick to it we can achieve the goal of not going broke this summer. When thinking budget you have to keep in mind things happen and somethings may push you in the direction to spend a little more but when this happens ask yourself where you can save some money to help cover the cost.

Trying not to go broke this summer might not work out when you also think family vacation and back to school shopping. I am hoping to get in one last family vacation before I’m too close to having the baby and we all know summer is too hot but we have all the kids out of school so it is the best time to go.

So can you save money while on vacation? Maybe. Again I feel that if you budget out the trip you, but who wants to talk numbers while on vacation? I can go on forever on this topic so I’ll write a blog on this alone.

Back to school shopping is another way to kill your budget but if you are like me the moment the school released the supply list you start to plan.

Surviving the summer and making it out without having to use a credit card is hard but with a little planning it can be done. Now if you will come out sane is an entirely other thing. Take a moment to sit down alone and write down your plan. What do you want to do and how much money are you comfortable spending? Once you know the answer to that you are able to plan what you are going to do and share the plan. Weather you have a small budget or a large one a vacation or staycation with your family is not only worth it but they will love it!

How do you plan to spend your summer? Do you have a budget in mind? Can you stick to it? I would love to hear more.


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