Saying Good-bye to anyone is hard but..

… to your clients who you have worked with one on one for an entire year.

After almost a year of working for the company I decided that it was time to part ways. While I will not go into too many details I knew the time had come and it was hard for me to think about. I had known for a few months that another company wanted me to come work for them but I wasn’t ready. I was happy with my boss, my clients and the company. I had a lot of responsibilities but I was also well taken care of as any person can be while working in the corporate world.

I provided the company with six-week notice, I know the normal is two weeks but I didn’t want to leave anyone hanging. I wanted to be sure the company was being well taken care of and all of the billing and issues would be handled before I exit stage left. In my heart I did just that, I took care of everyone. I notice that some of my clients were so deeply hurt as they were use to having a constant change of staff, high turn over rate. I took the time once I was told I was allowed to explain to each of them that I was going to make sure they were taken care of when I left. I was leaving notes for the new team to know the important details on each of them, I was reviewing billing to make sure they were charged for everything they should be and I had given six weeks in hopes of being able to train the new person.

thanksgiving_728x90_00In my last week with the company I worked harder than I had ever worked I already knew I was pregnant and still managed to get everything I wanted to get done accomplished. I had many of my clients offer to write me letter of recommendation, offer jobs and just ask me to come back and visit. Leaving this job was extremely difficult I didn’t think I would ever leave and up until the day after my last I wondered did I make the right decision. It wasn’t until a few weeks had passed and I went back for the first time to visit that I was able to see who was sitting in what use to be my chair.

I wish all my clients luck they each have shown me what hard work can do and that they way you treat people is will always make your business make it or not. While working there I met an attorney who still had the same clients coming to her after 20 years, so many so that sometimes she had to turn people away. Can you image having such a strong business you have to turn people away?

I met employees from a fortune 50 company, I met employees from non-profit companies out to make the difference, I had small business starting up and large ones who were expanding into a new market. Big or small you make the difference and your business matters.

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