I’m not the perfect mom

In the recent weeks I have seen several post and comments being made regarding kissing your children on the lips, cursing in front of your children, or just plain loosing your cool. I am human, I am an adult and most importantly I am a mother. No where in that last sentence have I ever said I’m perfect at any of those things.

We need to remember that as hard as we try we are only able to do so much. Our cool can only be kept for so long. A kiss is just a kiss but a memory for our children for a lifetime. Our children don’t see that a kiss can be sexual. Notice I said can be because it is not always. The kiss you give your children is not the kiss you give to your partner. I curse, I am known to curse, it is part of who I am. I have explain to my children why they should not use these words and that adults use them. That explanation was good for them so it was good for me.

Stop trying to play the role of the perfect parent to everyone around you and be the perfect parent to the children standing by you. Kiss them, love them, and be the best parent you can be to them.




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