Tip Tuesday advice for new moms

I wanted to start a conversation and thought what better than #tipTuesday? It is great way for families from all walks of life to share a tip with others. The topic will change from week to week but it starts conversations.

Last week I thought about something easy.. what is that tip you want to share with new moms? I am expecting and while it is not my first birth we all know each baby is different and the reaction to “another” pregnancy or baby is not always great. This one tip could help give a mom that piece of mind they need to know they are doing the right thing. That they are a good mom. So what advice did we hear.

take deep breaths and know bad moments will happen and its ok because good moments are to follow. and its ok to talk to urself – Shiara

We then heard

Everyone thinks their opinion is right but you know yourself and baby better than anyone, take what you want leave what you don’t and make your opinion the best decision for you and your baby! – Justine

Those are just a couple from Facebook but what did Instagram have to say?

Enjoy every second, minute, hour and moment – Jahala

These are just a few moms but what do you think? Do you have something to add? I can’t wait to hear what you have to say on this topic or the next. Have a topic or question you want to ask us email

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