Photoshoot, Pregnancy

This week I’m obsessing over…

I am just loving and I mean loving being pregnant!

I know, I know I should always but this week has been amazing! I am not sick (knocking on wood) and I have a little energy, even without a nap. I don’t ever get to nap as I work from home and have all four kids with me at all times unless Julio is off to give me a helping hand.

I am even more excited to be passed my half way point, 21 weeks down baby! I feel like I can now start my baby registry officially. The baby shower plans are in full effect. We have our list of our loved ones ready so we can send out the invitations once my maternity photo shoot pictures are in, thanks to Gannon Studios.

Why not be obsessed? Having an obsession is healthy, right?


Being able to feel the baby kick has been happening for a few weeks now but I don’t think I paid it as much attention or noticed it as much because I was feeling so sick. Just know that if you are still feeling sick it does get better, you just need to wait it out a little more. Think of all the good amazing moments that are ahead of you!

I am overjoyed to be expecting what my wonderful loving husband says will be our last baby. I am going to milk this pregnancy and ensure I do everything I wished to have done with all of my pregnancies but it is never too late.

Maternity pictures with my mom – Check

What are you obsessed with this week? It can be anything something  you found or just learned.


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