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Half way point maternity pictures

I can’t say it enough, I am so rarely impressed with customer service and doing my photo shoot with Gannon Studios was one of the best experiences I have EVER had. From the moment I walked in with my mom I felt like I knew the owners Amy and Grant. Gannon Studios is a business run by and husband and wife duo with the help of their daughter on set. Both Amy and Grant are photographers so you are lucky to have the eye of two photographers working together to ensure they catch all the perfect pictures.

During my shoot we all talked and laughed so even in those moments when you think holy crap I’m in my underwear and bra with this little thing over it taking pictures in front of people I don’t know, you don’t care because they feel like family.


I also gave Amy and Grant a scare to last them a lifetime. I was standing getting ready to take the next set of pictures and I started to feel sick. I was hot and feeling like I was going to faint, I needed a minute. I let them know and sat down while they went to get me some water. My mom had a look of fear and worry on her face. My mom kept touch my face and saying your pale and cold are you sure you are ok? It was a weird feeling but after a few minutes I was good to go.

To check out the pictures, without our requested edits you may do so on our YouTube page here.

Hey Amy and Grant, if you read this, remember the third nipple? FYI that is what I call my belly button once it starts to pop out.


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