Letter, Pregnancy

Thank you for making me a mom

Dear Faith,

Thank you for being my first-born, thank you for teaching me to be a mom.

Faith many years before I found out that I would become a mom, I knew that I wanted to be one. My mom, your grandmother always told me that being a mother is something I wanted to be, more than anything else in the world. In July 2008 the pregnancy test announced that I was pregnant once again and all I could do was worry that it would end with another miscarriage. Everyone around me would tell be not to stress, that God had a plan for me and that if it was meant to be I would give birth  to you in April as planned.

kids1I went to a doctor I had seen before, you see you would not have been my first-born. I had a miscarriage and while mommy misses this baby who she named Alex very much I love being able to be your mom. I always wonder the joy I would have been able to experience introducing you to your big brother. At my visit with this doctor he ran some blood test and gave me something called progestrone, this would help my hormones go up like they were suppose to during pregnancy.

At last my pregnancy was coming to an end, I was going to become a mom. I was at Publix with daddy, and Nikolaus holding on to the cooler as each contraction came on. After giving birth to you, your birth story can be read here, my journey of being a mom had just begun.

I remember the feeling of fear and wondering if I would fail as a mother. Would I be able to do only the best for you? Would I be able to keep you away from heartbreak? I wasn’t sure but I was a mom now and I was going to have to figure it out and fast.

Right after you were born


I have been blessed over these years to see you grow up and into this beautiful young lady. You are so strong and speak up, although sometimes I am not sure even you understand why. I thank you for teaching me something every day including not to freak when you take your first steps and then fall, or when your first day of each school year comes around again, and even when you freak because you see something “so totaly awesome” like only you could tell me.

Faith I love you, I am thankful for everything you have taught me and can’t wait to continue our journey into your…. preteen years (omg are we really heading that way?).

Check out the youtube video here of pictures over the last seven years. Thank you to everyone who has taken part of her life and encouraged her to continue to be the best she can be.


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