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First-born, birth center birth – it is possible

This is the birth story of my first-born Faith.

On April 9th after 39 weeks and 5 days of being pregnant I took the plunge and drank castrol oil. I was tired and huge, just ready to meet my little girl. That day was a day just like any other, it was our weekend with Nikolaus and while I normally picked him up from daycare I wasn’t going to make it this time. Julio arrived from work and my sister-in-law Brittany was hanging around so they went on the drive together.

By the time Julio was back home with Nikolaus things were still moving along but not close enough to head to the birth center. We needed dinner and a few things for the house so we went to Publix. As we walked the store the contractions started to come on harder and closer. I remember this old man staying close to me in the store until he finally asked if I needed him to call for help. I explained that my husband was grabbing a few things and that I was going to have a baby but not that moment. He followed me as I walked to Julio and once he saw I was in good hands he walked away.

Once we were back home things kept the pace so we called Daymarys, our midwife and informed her of the process. I had tried to eat some pizza but started to throw up, my brother-in-law Sparky held my hair back. Daymarys wanted to speak to me and hear where things were going from me. I was sitting on the yoga ball at this point trying to breathe through my contractions. She said to give it a bit longer to grab all my stuff load it in the car and then I was good to head out, she would meet me at the birth center.

diyAs we walked to the car Brittany and Sparky took Nikolaus with the plans of getting some Gatorade for me to drink during the birth. We all headed out with my mom on the way up from her house, she wanted to be at the birth and I needed her to be. On the car ride over which took about 30 minutes I wanted to give in, I didn’t want to be in pain.

Once we arrived at the birth center it was this comfort that came over me, I knew I was in good hands and the thoughts of pain or going to the hospital went away. Daymarys checked my cervix and I was in fact in active labor. This baby girl was coming. Daymarys was starting to get the tub filled and once it was ready I was ready to get in. The water felt perfect and I started to focus, focus on my body and what my body was needing me to do in those minutes and hours as they passed.

At one point I sat on the toilet because I had a “lip” that one part of the cervix that was still not ready. Some research shows that if you push while you have a lip it may cause the cervix to swell, not allowing the baby to descend. While sitting on the toilet the urge to push really started to kick in and I noticed the team throw what look like puppy pads on the floor to prepare for the baby to come right there.

I was able to get back to the bed and started to push, after a bit Faith was born at 3:23AM(3:25AM) depending on if you ask the midwife Daymarys or my husband Julio.

There is a birth video but I am in the process of trying to locate it, once I do I will post it on YouTube for you to be able to view. Every birth is different and when you are reading birth stories try to keep that in mind.

Enjoy these pictures.

Looking back now seven years later I am blessed. To be a first time mom and be able to give birth to my child outside of the hospital is a blessing all on its own. It has helped me find my way in crunchy living and to be strong and stand up for birth rights. While everyone is entitled to their opinion no one should tell you that it is unsafe. Evidence shows out of hospital births are just as safe as in hospital births.

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Please note that this is my personal experience I encourage you to speak to your provider being taking any step towards self-induction. I am not a medical provider and do not provide medical advice.

If you are interested in sharing your birth story you may do so by emailing it and any pictures we are able to use to Stories will be shared just as you have written them, I am doing this with the purpose of allowing families to read powerful, inspiring birth stories.

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