I need a date night!

Finding time to have date night is so important. I as a work from home, and I find myself with the kids so often I talk to Julio like I talk to the kids. I find myself losing my cool and yelling so often. I promise every night that I will try harder, that I won’t yell but each day I break the promise to myself. I am sure you are asking yourself what does date night have to do with losing your cool, right? It has a lot to do with it, I mean if are able to get a break with your partner away from your kids and just be adults don’t you think you might be able to be a better parent?

Next week my husband and I will be going on a date, one that will not have any children in attendance but with no family around who will take care of them for us? Good question and one in which I don’t have an answer to. When you live in a place without family close to you it will be a hard choice to make. Who can you trust with your children? You watch the news so often and see the horrible things that happen in the world.breastfeeding.jpg

On the other hand you may have the family or support system to have date nights but how do you keep from going to the same place all the time? I created a Pinterest board on some cute, simple and not so simple date night ideas that you can use to come up with some ideas for yourself. Treat yourself and your partner to a date night, find a friend or hire a sitter to help out. If you are a single parent, treat yourself! Every parent deserves it, and you are no different.

I look forward to our date. To having conversations about life and where we would like to go in the future and just being able to finish a conversation without having to ask the kids to give me a second. I am not wanting to have to yell, shut up, to get a moment to finish. I just want to be a women who has needs and wants them filled. Hopefully the date night will happen and we can report back to you on how it went but until then….. take a date for me and tell me how it went.

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