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Reasons you should see a chiropractor

I have written on my Twitter and Instagram regarding my own chiropractor and have had people ask me if going to one is really worth the money or if I just say it because I get something out of it. Well no I don’t say it because I receive anything, I go because I honestly love the progress I have made.

I started to go to this office when I became pregnant with Aria and my midwife at the time told me how it could help when I went into labor and speed up the process. Why, you might ask? Well because if your body is well-adjusted the baby and your body are able to accomplish birth without having to work overtime. During the pregnancy I went as often as possible and once Aria was born I took her a few days later to get adjusted as well.

Time hop forward to being pregnant with baby number 4, gender not being shared at the moment, I started to go again. A few times after going and having Julio go with me for some alone time while the kids were in school, the chiropractor finally asked Julio why he wasn’t being seen and the benefits for him. A healthier sex life was what I think got him thinking but he also told him about how the body was self-healing. The body doesn’t need any medication, when the body is well-adjusted the body is able self heal and doesn’t require medication. Imagine this if you take two Tylenol for a headache how does your body know it is for a headache? I will leave you thinking on that for a bit.


I will give you two major examples of how I know Fisher Chiropractic helped my family. I will start with my husband, Julio. Julio started to go after taking some time and seeing how much it was helping me during this pregnancy. He went in for his first visit and just had some quick non invasive test done and some x-rays. He was asked to come back in for a follow-up in a couple of days, in those days between appointments they would have time to review his results. When Julio came in they showed us his results and what damage was already done, they explained what they could do for him. You see Julio has pain in his lower back all the time, this made it hard for Julio to get out of bed. They offered us a payment plan as the insurance Julio has only covers 12 visits a year. How do you fix the problem with so little visits? I don’t think you can. After being in the care of the office for three months Julio under went a reevaluation and what do you think happen? We saw results, now while I won’t post his weight I will say that his body was fully aligned at this point even before being adjusted during this visit. In just three short months he has seen and felt the difference for himself. When you have someone who doesn’t think a chiropractor can help you have two options tell them your story and have them try for themselves, with Julio he tried for himself.

My second story is about my daughter Aria, being in daycare she was always sick. Sure since at this point I was working from home I could take her out but being in school was good for both of us. I started to get her seen when we went in and at first she would hide under the chair so when her turn came I would lay her on my belly. She didn’t get scared she just didn’t understand. Aria no longer gets sick with that awful cough and always wants to be the first one to be seen.

Now the choice is yours but before you disregard the option, will you give it a try?

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