35 Facts about Carmen

Time to learn a little about me!

  1. I love the color blue- all shades
  2. My hair is naturally black
  3. I eat chocolate when my kids aren’t looking
  4. I’ve always wanted a large family
  5. I’ve been married before
  6. I’ve given birth at a birth center
  7. I gave birth at home with a midwife
  8. My dream is to have an unassisted birth
  9. I love attending births as a doula
  10. I have given birth to three wonderful babies
  11. I am a stepmom
  12. I was married five years ago while pregnant
  13. I use to scrapbook
  14. I’m addicted to cloth diapers
  15. I met my breastfeeding goal… twice
  16. I enjoyed the 50 Shades of Grey books
  17. I love crunchy music
  18. My husband is 10 years older than me
  19. I met my husband while married to my ex-husband
  20. I had a family vacation driving to Utah
  21. I’m a Libra
  22. My parents are Cuban
  23. I have visited Cuba
  24. I speak Spanish
  25. I named my daughter Aria because of Pretty Little Liars
  26. I enjoy baking just not the clean up
  27. I spend most Christmas eve’s with my moms side of the family
  28. I yell, a lot, I’m Cuban
  29. I’m scared of sharks
  30. We go on vacation but when people ask where we are we say home
  31. I love disappearing to Orlando
  32. I’ve homeschooled
  33. I’m addicted to Amazon
  34. I didn’t want to know the gender but the tech let it slip
  35. I like to eat Dragon Fruit


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