Our 22 week update

The Edwards Baby Update:22 weeksamazon

We have now made it to 22 weeks and our baby is the size of a papaya, which is about 10.9in and 15.2oz. Who would have thought something so little could move with such quickness and cause this mom to actually jump?

Being able to sit and lay down is starting to become a challenge more of the having to find comfort than anything else by our family chiropractor is helping. I haven’t had to deal with the nausea in a bit so that’s a great thing. The kids have also been able to feel little one move and they move it. Aria¬†actually thinks that my belly button is a baby button, I assume she thinks it might be a connection to the baby. Aria is also very protective an doesn’t let anyone get too close. Faith loves being able to feel the baby move and will lay down next to me for a bit, then gets board and moves on.

22 weeks

Julio is starting to get those late night kicks to the back which is another great reason for him to see the chiropractor because he should know they will only get stronger. In the last few weeks I have been able to spend some extra one on one time with my mom. I think it’s the fact that it doesn’t happen often for us I tend to enjoy it a little more. I take in the conversations that take place without me having to wait for the kids to be done with telling grandma everything and anything they can remember. Plus having to explain what they are trying to tell her when they talk YouTube videos. I’m sure any parent can relate to kids watching YouTube videos of grown ass adults playing with toys.

In the end result I feel good, I’m having energy and trying to get the family schedule setup before school starts. An organized family is my mission to make it through the school year with four kids, two schools, and one daycare, afterschool activities, and alternating weekends, oh I forgot to add my full-time job and a new baby coming to end the calendar year. The next time your feeling overwhelmed take a break and come over.

Are you expecting? When is your “due” month? How are you feeling?


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