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Taking our kitchen green

Like in most decisions that I make for our family I think it’s important to do your research. Don’t you? I recently decided it was time to start getting rid of the products in our kitchen that are causing harm to our bodies. The question is how do you know where to start? What should be the first things to go? That is completely up to you but here are some tips and my views.

You might be thinking starting small is the best way to try it out what will work for your family. Maybe you just want to start with paper towel, and cleaning cloth. You may also want to start in the cleaning products, and that is a great option as well. You see over the past few years I have either made my own cleaning products or purchased the ones that I feel work the best, but are also safe. If you are an adult then you know that having a clean home is a must. If guest come over they do not want to walk into a home that is a mess or just seems dirty, more than likely they will not stay long or feel very uncomfortable. Once you become a parent that changes a bit. If you are anything like me you don’t want your home to be a mess but you also don’t have time to be cleaning all the time. Kids are going to play and continue to play for the entire day so if I always cleaning how will they be able to play? Let them have fun, let them be kids and when they are done, you clean.

How do you manage to keep a clean home and allow it to be safe enough for your children to be around? This is when research comes in, taking an hour to google and read labels to figure out what chemicals are in the products and if they are safe around your family. Family includes everyone on two legs and those are four legs as well (my mom and aunt would agree their dogs are their children). If you are pregnant, which you know I am, this is a good reason to use not to have to clean with those chemical cleaning products but what if you are in that mood, the one that tells you to clean? How do you keep from having all the fumes and chemicals around you? I have tried and it would be pretty impossible.

Back to School Sale

I recently discovered Paper Kitchen and they are helping my family move in the right direction. I am a fond believer that you should try a few different companies to see what products works best for you and that is my plan but sometimes you just find a product you just know is the one and you no longer need to look, that is ok too. The company not only offers cleaning products but also kitchen products like plates, silverware, bowls, etc. They also have a kid corner, so you  know they are focused on family and wanting us to be safe.

Have you tried their products, and if so what have been your favorite? Click the banner to see the deals they have going on right now. Come back and tell me what you think.

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