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Is it time to create your baby registry?

I have always found creating a baby registry to be fun. It was something that would show me that I was here, that my baby would be in my arms soon and the people we cared for and cared for us would come and show that love at what most people know as the baby shower. In some cultures a baby shower is only for women but now days it is a family fun event. You invite everyone over and celebrate the life that is about to join.

There are so many places you can go to create your registry and most people like to be able to walk a store, holding a scanner and get the gift bag but that if it could be easier? I am not saying you shouldn’t go see these products or walk the store but what if you could have one place to not only register but for your loved ones to be able to shop without leaving the house. Most people don’t even go to the store until they are on the way to the baby shower. I have thought long and hard and I hate to be the one late to the shower because between work and the kids I haven’t had time to hit the store. I created my registry with Amazon and I will explain many reasons other than to avoid having people run super late and sometimes even miss the fun parts.

Lets start with the fact that most baby showers are held at other locations than the couple’s home, imagine having to load the car with all the gifts your just got. Don’t get me wrong when you create a registry to register for those important items your family will need once the baby comes like the car seat and stroller but lets also be honest you’re so tired after that you just want to sit in a chair look at everything you got and maybe start writing your thank you cards. How much easier won’t it be to everyone if they had the option to but online and ship right to your door? No gift to wrap, no gift to carry and no running late.

Now I understand that having a gift shipped before the baby shower doesn’t work for everyone so lets talk about the option that Amazon gives the person buying the gift to have the gift shipped right to their door and guess what, it is already wrapped. They won’t be running late and stuck buying a gift they didn’t want because they were running late. Doesn’t that sound like a win, win for everyone?

baby regThe benefits for you…

  • Adding anything and I mean anything you find on Amazon can be added to your registry.
  • A gift delivered right to your door with actual samples and not so many magazines.
  • A discount once you are close to having the baby called a completion discount, this allows you to buy anything left.
  • 90 days to return items
  • Fast, Free shipping (if you have Amazon Prime $99 a YEAR)
  • And more…

Now that you have read the benefits for your friends and family plus all the benefits for you what are you waiting for? Create your baby registry I promise it’s easy, no need to put on anything extra than what you are wearing now, plus add those little extra items and even if you don’t get them from someone else, you’ll have a discount to get them later on. Sounds like another win, win situation.





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