Writing the best birth plan

If you are getting ready to write your birth plan, you have made it to the blog to help sort your options. Keep in mind you have endless options and if your provider is not ok and doeEarth-Mamas-Birth-Plan-800x800.jpgsn’t provide a real, evidence based reason and research, they are not the provider for you. Some of you may just love your provider and just go with what they what or say, others may want to find a supportive provider.

Lets start with some of your birth options:

  1. 1. What type of delivery would you like? Vaginal, C-Section, VBAC, Water birth


2. Do you wish to have an epidural or other pain management? Should the staff offer it or wait for you to ask?

3. Who would you like present in the room when you deliver?

4. Do you plan to breastfeed?

5. Do you want skin to skin time with the baby? If so, for how long before the staff can do any test?

6. Are you okay with the baby being taken out of the room you are in?

7. Will you vaccinate? If so, will you give all as scheduled or delayed?

8. During labor do you wish to play music?

9. Do you want the lights on, off or dim?

10. How many if any vaginal exams will you allow during labor?

11. Do you want to be able to eat and drink as you wish?

12. Do you want to be able to wear your own clothes?

13. Do you want pictures take during labor and birth?

14. How do you wish to spend the first stage of labor? standing, laying down, walking, in the shower, in the tub?

15. Are you okay with having an IV, or do you wish to have a block line in case you need fluids?

16. How often would you like fetal monitoring?

17. During delivery would you like to lie on your side, squat, be on hands and knees, stand, lean on partner, use birth ball, stool, or be in the shower?

18. How would you like to push? Do you want to be told to push or push as you feel the urge?

19. Would you like to touch the head as you deliver?

20. Do you want your partner to catch the baby?

21. Who will cut the umbilical cord?

22. Will you allow an episiotomy?

23. Will you cord bank?

24. Do you wish to delay cutting the umbilical cord? If so, for how long?

25. Will you keep your placenta?

If a C-section is necessary:

26. Do you want a second opinion?

27. Make sure all other options are looked into?

28. Partner to remain with you?

29. Do you want the screen lowered so you can see?

30. Breastfeed in the recovery room?

31. Partner to hold baby right away?

32. When would you like to have family join you to meet baby?

33. Will you allow Vit.. K?

34. Will you allow eye ointment?

35. When will you allow first bath?

36. Will you allow circumcision, if a boy?

37. If baby needs to go to the NICU, who will go with the baby?


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