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Planning my dream baby shower

Over the years of having my children I have always kept in mind how blessed I was. I was blessed to be able to enjoy each pregnancy as I never worked but that itself came with the issues of not always having enough money. My husband and I wanted to provide the best for Nikolaus, who is from Julio’s’ first marriage, but I also wanted to have that same life for our daughter, Faith who would soon be joining our family.

It was in February of 2009 that we had our baby shower surrounded by so many of our friends and family. It was great, it took place in our home and we did the best for what we could afford. In 2011, pregnant with Michael I again had a baby shower to celebrate the new bundle of joy joining our family. I can honestly say I don’t remember much about it and then with Aria in 2013 I didn’t plan to have a baby shower at all. A dear friend of mine from high school, Raquel and her family had a little get together and that was good enough celebration for me. At this point I was okay understanding that most people do not share the same feelings as myself that every child should be celebrated. Gifts and such are not the only way to celebrate life.


With this pregnancy, while money will always be an issue in some way because let’s be honest money comes and goes and everything is so expensive, I wanted my dream baby shower with a twist. We have not shared the gender of the baby and plan to do so at the baby shower. Since we and most of our friends and family have children we decided to have a baby shower that included all the children. We set out in search of the perfect place and came across some banquet halls and similar options but it didn’t seem like the right choice. Then like a sign from above I came across a post about a children’s play place with a super nice room for parties.

I contacted them and received an email back with all the details I asked for and the prices. I asked for additional pictures because I didn’t want to make the drive to be disappointed when I got there. Pictures were sent to me and I knew that this was the place to have the shower. I spoke to Julio about it and we made plans to go check out the place and person, this would also allows us the chance to ask any other questions we might have.

A few days later we arrived at the location for the baby shower which for now will remain out of our post to ensure the privacy and safety of our families. I walked in still unsure of what to expect and was greeted by the owner, that caught me off guard but I liked the personal touch. I introduced myself and we started to review what we had discussed over email and she began to show me what options I had.


The two rooms were two different options; the first one was smaller but had more of the look I was going for and the other room was more for kids and their parties, not so much the look I was going for. We started to go over what could be done to help the overall look and how they would take care of the food, desert table, drinks and get this decorating! I wouldn’t have to decorate, no getting to the location early or having to worry about something not working out.

I will finally get to have that dream baby shower I always wanted and couldn’t afford. I was able to save, plan, and sit back and enjoy when the day comes. So what do I have left on my to-do list? Well it’s pretty simple I need to order a cake, maybe get some cuban pastries, plan the games and prizes. I will also have helpers at the baby shower so no hard work for me, literally everything is being taken care of for me. Oh I forgot I ordered custom baby shower invites with the photos taken of me from Gannon Studios that I will mail at the end of the month allowing guest to plan accordingly.



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