The never ending list.. of school supplies

With school starting in Miami in just under a week parents including us are trying to get everything in order to send their children back to school. We are one of the families that have waited until the last-minute to actually do the required shopping, but after looking at the list for required items for Michael and Faith I almost had a heart attack.

The list for Michael was two pages long, each page was divided into three columns one for “student material”, another for “classroom cleanser supplies” and the last for “wish list”. Why in the world would a teacher need to create a “wish list” let alone a “classroom cleanser” supply list? I understand the wish list idea teachers would like to do a cool activity school-supplies.jpgbut the cost is too much for them to normally be able to. Michael’s list also states that we may need to replace these items as the year goes on. Faith had a similar list just smaller print and just two columns. With a small section for a wish list as well.

At first I thought, what the hell! How could one student need so much, then I thought well this will help other families who aren’t able to afford everything, then I thought this is to help the hard-working teachers who are going to educate my children and not make the amount of money they should. This is to help these teacher, show my child something “cool” that will spark that creativeness in them. This is to my children and all the others in the class! This is to the teachers and students that will take part in educating our children.


As a parent we spend the years wanting the best for our children. We look for the best options from the moment we give birth, from who will care for our children when Holiday-Affiliate-Program---Banner---_02we have to go back to work and then they need an amazing preschool. Of course the years of elementary are right there waiting for me and I better find the best school. Crossing my fingers to get into one of the charter schools I applied too, just one of the children to get picked and I was golden.

It was great to get the call congratulating me that Faith had been accepted into a great bi-lingual school. This was a great opportunity for my children to learn Spanish. Now if I think of all this joy I had when they were accepted and the reasons I wanted them to go to this school I shouldn’t be worried about the stupid supply list. I will do my best to help the school with anything they need because this will only show my children that even though we aren’t homeschooling a parent can still be involved. Parent involvement is probably one of the most important things a teacher can receive and it doesn’t always have to involve money. Maybe standing in a room making copies for a teacher so she can enjoy her lunch, maybe take a gift card to treat them to lunch, anything helps!

Thank you to the teachers that will educate our children this and every year! I wish you the best upcoming school year and after the first week of school when we are all needing a moment, have that glass of wine you deserve it!


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