My son turned into a preteen

I never thought the day would come that Nikolaus would become a preteen, but that day has arrived according to him. Not so long ago we had a conversation where he informed us of his new “status”. What does a “preteen” actually mean? Do they change in any way?

I am honestly not sure of a lot of the information as this is a newly discovered territory. We have gotten to the point where no one can enter the bathroom if he is in there. At the reminders that as you get older your body goes through changes and some of those changes involve body odor. We do live in Miami and the heat is killer, but we don’t want to kill anyone with the smell.

I’ve started to wonder if the day will come when I no longer need remind him to take a shower or brush his teeth. Does this preteen understand that being a “preteen” comes with responsibilities? I think that if someone would like to be treated or addressed a certain way they should act a certain way. Am I wrong?

I’ve always told my children, we must treat everyone with respect. That as we grow we will change, everything changes. We will have friends who will not be our friends, we will have different teeth and hair color, but as long as we treat everyone around us the way we want to be treated we will be ok. We have all seen the post on Facebook about inviting all kids to our birthday parties, correct? Well have your child think about that the next time they want to laugh at someone for being different, in any way, shape or form.

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We do remind them that not everyone is like us, that they may have people laugh at them for being different or for having a smell. We tell them not to allow anything said to them to bother them, but let’s be honest this isn’t always easy. Words hurt and you think back on these words on those days when you aren’t feeling as confident about yourself. What can be done to help? Talking helps, tell someone what has happen and how you are feeling. Allow someone to help you find a solution but never allow someone to make you feel less important or valuable than you really are. You are important and loved by someone, they look up to you and count on you, allow them to do the same for you.

As time goes on and Nikolaus as well as the other children continue to grow up I am sure we will face issues or come across things we weren’t expecting. Life is going to hand us curves that will not only teach our children but teach us on how to approach these said curves. Go with the curves and learn from them, then tell me how you did so I can learn from you.


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