Back to school madness

Hello all!

I hope all parents who have started with the back to school drop off and pick up, the afterschool activities, the lunch packing and homework help are surviving your week. I promised not to stop blogging and to share these moments with you as we came to them but that hasn’t been completely correct, I had to stop. We have had a rough start to the week our car broke down over the weekend so we had to rent one, by Monday I was spending all day driving back and forth from one place to another trying to get the car fixed. By the end of the day all was resolved but not without taking every last bit of energy I had in me. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law came to the rescue and saved us, a big thank you to them!

back to schoolWhen I arrived to pick up Michael from school I asked him about his day he kept going on and on about how great it was, how much fun he had and telling me all the things he learned. It was amazing to hear him talk and explain and just get lost in his own world. He truly had a great first day. Even his teacher told me how great he did.

An hour later we were back in line to pick up Faith, it was her turn to tell us about her day and she did. This was her first year having to switch classes, last year she had two teachers as well but they came to the class. I asked her about her day and she went on and on about playing outside (actually having recesses time), in music class she had to makeup a song to introduce herself to her fellow classmates, back in her class they had to talk about what they did over the summer. Faith was also happy to be back in school and have a great teacher.

Faith and Michael have already been told about the sports and activities offered at the school and can’t wait to get started. Michael wants to join the basketball team while Faith rather join an indoor club that will teach her thinking skills called, Mind lab. I look forward to this school year and can’t wait to tell you about our continued family journey.

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