Head down, I repeat head down!!

I never knew how many feelings would come out when I finally heard my midwife say the baby was head down. I was 28 weeks but the thought of having to have a C-section really scared me. 

It’s not like I have never had surgery I had my breast augmentation done in 2008 but I wasn’t a mom, if something happen to me I didn’t have children waiting to have mommy come home. The thought of the recovery and not being able to pick up my children to give them a big hug or kiss isn’t something I would ever want to deal with. What about just the simple task of walking up and down my stairs to get in and out of the house. These are just a few of the fears I think of anytime I thought I may have to have a C-section. 

When I was expecting Michael he was transverse and I have a low lying placenta, in that moment I knew that having a cesarean section was a possibility and I had time to prepare. I started to talk to friends who had experienced that type of delivery before trying to figure out how I would want my delivery to go. The one question to everyone I spoke to was what would you change about your delivery and recovery. If I knew what they would change I could help prepare for what was to come for me and what I would want to ask for. A birth plan is a great way to express your terms and request without having to remember them all when the time comes to deliver. 

Now that I had the go ahead I was ready. I made sure everything I needed for my dream delivery was ready to go. I bought all the supplies from my midwifes list, Brooklyns’ delivery was just 12 weeks away! Little did we know most of the supplies would never see the light of day because Brooklyn had different plans for us. You see no matter how much you plan and prepare a baby comes when he or she is ready not when we are ready. 

In the end I’d like to think that you should prepare for your dream but also prepare for other possibilities. I look back at my birth and all the trials and tribulations for my pregnancy with Brooklyn and I think if and or when the time comes for another child I also need to do this. I need to conquer my fear by being prepared for life and birth. 

If you haven’t taken a read head over and read my birth stories. 

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