Waking up to a world headed towards hate

I woke up this morning not wanting to go online but eventually I did. Once I hit that button there was no going back. I learned this morning all before breakfast that my children’s world will be one full of hate. 

So for the next four years I will need to explain to my children over and over again that although our president has hate in his heart we will not join his path. Our family like many others is different and we can’t just check the box for white or black, we can’t just be classified by the way we look. My friends, I have fear in my heart this morning to bring another precious little girl into this world and not know the troubles she will face in the world. I would normally say that I can help, I can teach them but now I wonder is it really possible?! Can I protect my children from the man we just allowed to take over the White House? What will happen when my white skin daughter are out with their darker skin brothers, or if my daughters ever need to make the decision to have an abortion? What will happen when their friends and family are being separated and they too worry that this could happen to our family? 
How do I make my children feel safe in a world full of hate?! No child should ever have to face these fears or worries. This morning at 5am, my time, I lay in my head and hear them snore, breathing and grinding their teeth but in peace because while they are here with me I will do anything I can to protect them from the world I didn’t think we lived in. Thinking about it now I know that one man can’t vote himself into the White House but we the people made that happen. These next four years will be long ones but imagine the impact it will leave on this country and our children for the rest of their lives.

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