Follow your dream from start to finish.. my dream baby shower

On October 22nd, we hosted a baby shower in honor of Brooklyn joining our family this year. We are completely blessed to have had so many friends and family around to celebrate another wonderful moment of joy and love.

Although during my pregnancy I did not want to know the sex of the baby it did not go as planned and I was told. I then decided I could still hold onto the news and find a creative way to share that news. The baby shower would be the one spot where everyone would together and we could announce. We had the location we used, Goin’ Bananas decorate everything in pink and have everyone see the décor as they walked in.

This baby shower was important to me to have the kids involved to allow them to celebrate and enjoy in their own way. While I could have said no kids that wasn’t what I envisioned and I wanted this to be my dream baby shower with a twist. I went to my favorite cake baker, Misha’s cupcakes, and placed the order for two cakes. Yes, you read that right two!! I got a coconut and red velvet which are of course two of the very many best!

While I did add a few things to the decorations for that personal touch almost everything else was taken care of for me. I didn’t have to worry about the food, drinks, or clean up. I was able to spend my time socializing with our family and friends. The additional added bonus was the kids being able to have lots of fun and remain safe during the entire baby shower. Imagine the kids basically had their own party included in all of the festivities.

I on behalf of my family want to thank everyone who was able to make it and celebrate with us. Thank you for your wonderful gifts, love and support! Thank you for knowing that even with four children whom we love so dearly we will be adding another precious daughter into our lives. We will update everyone once she has arrived but continue to remind everyone visitors should call before hand and even bring a dish to eat or be prepared to help mom with a chore.

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We are not the average family, but honestly being average is over rated!

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