Late night breastfeeding moments 

Oh late night nursing sessions how I missed you! With boobs bigger than my daughters head, leaving people to wonder if I just had them done. Boobs that leak the good stuff helping baby grow big and strong and keep all the germs and unwanted guest at bay. 

No I’m not kidding, tonight, I really missed these moments. Being able to lay in bed with my baby knowing I was doing such an amazing thing. Being able to have these one on one moments with my baby, moments no other person in the world could have. Being able to talk to you and even knowing that somehow in your little head everything I was saying to you was being processed. You may not understand anything I am telling you I could still imagine you did. 
You my darling Brooklyn have blessed our lives one more time the moment you were born. I love you now enjoy this milk of gold I made just for you so we can continue these moments just me and you. 

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