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Our first days as a family of Seven

Yup you read right, we are a big, blessed family of seven! We now have five children 12 and under. You can imagine how most days look around here. We have yelling, fighting, playing, plenty of mess and even more love. To me our family is a perfect mess!

Aria, Michael, Brooklyn and Faith

Let’s be real it has been a roller coaster since having Brooklyn. Nikolaus got to be around for the day but maintained his distance, Michael held and even touched his sister for the first time for me to take this picture today, Faith is great with the baby but super whiny (not to be confused with wine), and Aria well she just wants to touch and hold the baby at all times. 

Having Brooklyn being born on Sunday means Monday all the older kids would need to be taken to school and we were blessed that Julio is still on vacation from work to do all the driving this week. He has been the one to do just about everything around the house including the cooking, homework, and changing of the very first meconium diaper and others that followed. Having her on Sunday also means that we needed to keep up with our already busy schedule while still taking Brooklyn to her appointments and seeing the midwife for our follow ups. 

Faiths’ Holiday Show

Wednesday Faith and Michael had their holiday show at school and even a family with a three old baby like us for example had to represent and cheer on our children. You see even on the bad days or in those bad moments like the ones leading up to us leaving the house for the show I’m reminded that my children are amazing, loving and great students! They are adjusting just like we are, they need love and patience which is running low at this time. I would be hiding my truths if I didn’t say it because we all have those moments even families with nannies have those moments, maybe just not as often. 

Michaels’ Holiday Show

We have made it to Thursday and got to see our lovely midwife Christa again plus pick up our placenta pills, yup you read that right too. While not everyone agrees on the usage we don’t do what everyone does but what works for our family. In case you are interested in a few facts of why we have chosen to essentially consume our placenta here they are; increase iron, increase milk supply, maintain hormone levels, etc. I’ve had them made after my other pregnancies and helped me so with my knowledge and experience I chose to have them made again. 

Placenta Pills

Here is to being honest and telling family truths! Here is to a blog where you will learn about a large family and their experiences and here is to your family having a place to relate to.

If you have a topic for me to cover, I’ve got you email me edwardscrunchyliving@yahoo.com. I’m here and on maternity leave. 

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