Breastfeeding and my grandfather 

On Christmas Day I was feeding my daughter who is two weeks old. My grandfather and grandmother, my mom, aunt, sister and her family were all sitting in he living room talking about random topics. My aunt was getting some baby snuggles while I ate and the baby started to cry so I got up to grab her and my grandfather told me to finish eating because my body needed the food. He then went on to tell my sister that he hopes she breast feeds if she is able to because it was the best thing to do for your child. He continued to say not only is it free but it has no chemicals and allows you to bond with the baby. I then asked him he I offended him because I don’t cover up and he said no way! I in that moment received the biggest compliment, ever!! 

While I have been the only one to breastfeed all of my children I had never cared what anyone thought or how they felt because I knew I was doing what was right. So I end my short entry with this do what works for you and enjoy doing it. 

My grandfather with Aria playing with play dough.

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