Brand ambassador

I have been searching to become a brand ambassador but have come up empty. Who would have known helping a company promote a product they make and you love would be so difficult. 

This week I came across a post from a business that I shop from everyone in a while search for a brand ambassador. I almost jumped out of my seat with excitement. I thought I had finally found one to represent. 

I started to read the post and came across the “rules” to read before you applied. 

See below. 

Number 5 caught my attention and made me realize that this wasn’t the business I wanted to represent. How could anyone ask you not to state your opinion on essentially anything taking place around the world today? Why would they be ok in stay quite? Isn’t the point to have someone honest?

See when I started to look for businesses my family could represent I thought we would be perfect for several reasons those being we are a large family, our children are different ages and genders. I then wondered if maybe my vocal ability would make me not such a great candidate. Maybe it wouldn’t be good for me to post any political post for example but then I took some time to think about it. 

As I was taking a few days to think about I came across a post from TheBabyGuyNYC and how here is this great guy who is representing many companies and still being able to advocate for our LGBTQ community, for equal human rights and so much more without feeling the fear like I was. Why should I or anyone else be asked to not use the right we have to fight so hard to keep??

I will continue my search to become a brand ambassador or even review products suitable for the members of my family but I will not accept any request that ask not to voice my opinion. My blog was created as a way for me to be voical, for me to be able to express how I felt, and for other families to be able to come and relate to us. I write about our family and our experience so sadly I have to include political post but the great thing is amazing things happen around us and we just need to keep our eyes open to capture them. 

What have you discovered today? What amazing thing happen to you today? 

I woke up surrounded by my family feeling loved and blessed to experience another day together. 

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