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Planning a homebirth

Are you dreaming of a home birth? Do you want one so bad but don’t know where to start? I mean is it even possible now that we have hospitals on every corner of Miami? All these answers and more coming your way. 

Back in 2008 when I first found out I was pregnant I dreamed of giving birth in a pool or bath tub but how could I even do this. My research began after find a midwife. Where did I start well, read! I read so many books that spoke about giving birth naturally, giving birth at home, midwifery and doulas’, breastfeeding and so much more. I then made sure to join groups and meet other families who thought the same way I was and asked them for their experiences and what birth professionals they worked with. 

The internet, although it can be a scary place also has great blogs and groups to meet people and also great their experiences. Facebook has some great groups as well. Now remember anytime you speak to anyone weather the internet or in person you may not always agree with them. A wonderful tip to keep forever is simple take what you what will work for you and leave the rest. There is no need to argue just agree to disagree. 

Google your local midwifery professionals and ask on your local groups for their favorites or who they have used before.

Take time to attend a local meet the birth professionals night! This is a great way to meet a few birth professionals in a quick setting and to set up a more in depth meeting with the ones you like the most. 

Don’t just think midwife, think doula. Yes a midwife will help you as much as possible but a doula is an extension of you and your partner. 

Home or birth center? Some midwives offer the option of having a home delivery or birth center. I think of a birth center as a great middle marker for a family who isn’t quite sure of giving birth at home just yet. 

What are some things you learned or researched when thinking of having a home birth? I’d love to hear your input. 

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