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The end of eating out!

Over the past year our family has slowly become more financial stable but on place we do spend a ton of money is eating out. I think most families would agree, it is the easy thing to do. Right? You are hungry and out with the family go you stop at a drive-thru and grab something quick. Everyone eats and the day continues. The question is; is it worth it? What are you missing out everytime you eat out?

I for one am always out and about. I wake up get all the kids ready for school, pack lunches, and drive everyone to school before I make my way into the office for the day. I then leave to go pick everyone up and before I know it it’s 4pm and instead of lunch I’m having to figure out dinner. I don’t think one person who is reading this can stay they aren’t busy, but are we too busy to sit and have a quick meal, at home with our loved ones?

Tonight we will enjoy a nice meal together, we will watch a movie and laugh before tomorrow being Saturday we get down to business. I will plan meals, make a shopping list and head to the supermarket. I will stick to the list!! I will stick to the plan!! I will save money!

Have you checked out the blog on the no eating out challenge? Will you join the challenge? Also check out our blogs on creating a meal plan and shopping list.

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