Summer is Coming!!

If you are here you are more than likely a parent. You are also more than likely wondering what the heck you are going to do this summer to keep the kids busy and away from the T.V. and tablets. There is only so many times I can hear “Mommy Finger”.

While Julio and I both work fulltime jobs and the kids will be going to our sitters home, it doesn’t mean we can slack on events any less than a homeschooling family could. Lets be honest kids know it’s summer and they want in to the summer fun. Being in Miami and having the water all over that will be our one place to go more often than not. The amazing part is Brooklyn is turning five months and will be heading to the beach for the first time, of course we will post pictures.

Now to make a list of things I would like to do this summer:

  1. Take at least one vacation, it doesn’t include visiting family
  2. Hit up all water parks in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties
  3. Hitting the beach at least twice
  4. Have a campout in the living room- mama will not do outside camping
  5. Spend the fourth of July with my mama
  6. Take a trip to Key West
  7. Have the kids plan one day of everything they want to do

What else should we do? What do you have planned?

For me every summer is another chance to take time off and enjoy it with the kids. I want them to know that even when mommy and daddy are working we can still have fun. My trouble is finding the balance. How do you find balance? Do you work, or are you a SATP?

Lets talk.

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